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Live Surgery
The Superficial Quad Technique for Patella Dislocation

Arthroscopy Society of Nagpur arranged its annual meeting on 15-16th July at Nagpur that was highlighted by several live surgeries. Dr  Bancha Chernchujit from Thaliand, Dr Deepak Goyal from Ahmedabad and Dr Vivek Pandey from Manipal were the invited faculties.

A 26 year old male patient was presented to Dr Deepak Goyal. The patient was suffering from both side patella (knee cap) dislocations for almost 10 years, with each knee cap dislocating 5-6 times every year. Dr Goyal examined the patient and found out that cause of his disability was twofold. He had a congenital condition called trochlea dysplasia. The neglected trochlea dysplasia put a repetitive stress on a ligament called medial patellofemoral ligament (MPFL) that must have got torn or stretched out gradually over a period of time when he was growing. Ten years back when patient had first episode of dislocation; it got completely torn leading to a recurrent problem. Dr Goyal had a long and detailed discussion with patient and his relative in presence of arthroscopy team of Nagpur city. It was decided that patient should undergo a MPFL reconstruction as the first and important part of his corrective surgery. The trochlea dysplasia surgery is a major surgery and a reserved surgery if the primary surgery fails. Next day morning, Dr Goyal peroformed a live surgery using the famous ‘the superficial quad technique’. The surgery was watched live by over 100 delegates from Viddharbha region and Nagpur city. Dr Vivek Pandey moderated the session. Dr Goyal was happy to answers many questions that were asked by delegates.

Local organisers Dr Prashant Parate, Dr Mukesh Laddha, Dr Jagtap and other colleagues informed later that the technique was very well perceived by the delegates and they were encouraged to deal their patients in future using this technique. Dr Vivek and other senior surgeons confirmed that it will be easy for them to use this technique in their patients after watching live.

Postoperatively, patient did well and was smiling at the whole team with a big thank you on his face. He demanded that his opposite knee should be treated with similar surgery on priority. Dr Goyal and local team advised him to do the planned rehabilitation as suggested for few months. The opposite knee can be operated when present operated knee recovers fully. 

We are happy that a technique invented at our hospital has been appreciated around the world. To know more about this innovative technique, click here

SO Team, 16th July 2017 (c) 

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