The contents on this site are provided with a view to provide information about our clinic and its various activities. Basic knowledge for normal knee joint and various knee joint disorders is also provided to improve patient’s understanding.

This website contains general guidelines based on accepted standards. In no way should anything here be construed as medical advice. For medical advice consult your own physician who alone, after an appropriate physical examination, can give you appropriate advice about your medical condition. 

Medical Tourism patients, please note following.:

  1. Investigations have their limitations. The plan sent by us stands true provided your clinical picture matches with the reports you have sent to us.

  2. The information provided is with good intention of providing good treatment to you. However, the information can not be a complete medical advise; as it has been provided without actually seeing the patient. The full medical advise can only be provided after actually examining the patient.

  3. No legal liability is attached with medical advise given without examining the patient.

  4. Indian Laws applicable.

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