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Logo of Saumya Orthocare  reflects our thoughts & Orthopedic principals for providing best care to our patients.

Saumya Orthocare Logo

Nicholas Andre coined the term Orthopedics in 1743. The word Orthopedics is made up of two words; Orthos & PedicsOrthos means straight and Pedics means child. He suggested this term to describe a science that deals with correction (straightening) of a crucate (deformed) child. A crucate (deformed) tree tied with a straight bar with a tight rope (to correct its deformity) depicts Orthopedics. Orthopedics has come a long way since, and current Orthopedics does lot more than what it was in 1743. 

At Saumya Orthocare, it is strongly believed that motion is life. Life is full of joy and is colorful. We are dedicated to provide a pain free life that is full of movement, color and joy. Our dedication nourishes on strong and rich principles of Orthopedics. 

We have combined Orthopedics Principals and Our Dedication in form of Our Logo.

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