The Superficial Quad Technique
A Surgical Innovation for Patella Dislocation

The Superficial Quad Technique is the surgical innovation by our consultant Dr Deepak Goyal. This surgical technique invention took place in 2004 when Dr Goyal was searching literature for an anatomically and bio-mechanically correct method to treat patella (Knee Cap) dislocation.

Dr Goyal found that there is a naturally occurring thin strip of tissue in the front part of the quadriceps (thigh muscle) tendon that is very much similar to the medial patellofemoral ligament (MPFL). Role of quadriceps in patella dislocation is well known and attributed by many leading surgeons of the world. However, very little work was done on using quadriceps in treating the torn MPFL. Dr Deepak Goyal identified that this thin strip of quadriceps tendon can replace the torn MPFL and thereby treat the patella dislocation with much more accuracy. He called this technique as The Superficial Quad Technique

Since 2004, many patients have been benefitted with this innovative surgical technique. We have not encountered any major complication or problem with this technique so far, while it has given 100% success rate to us. We strongly believe that any work that we do, must be authenticated by colleagues and world masters. Hence we continued to present our work at various national and international platforms. This has helped us to have a critical analysis of this innovative surgical innovation and to perfect the technique to its best. 

The first scientific presentation of this technique was done in 2008 during annual conference of Indian Arthroscopy Society at Goa, India. Over 400 Arthroscopy Surgeons from all over India and some leading faculties from USA, Europe and Asia were present. We presented minimum 2 years follow up results of this innovation and our paper received the ’Best Paper Award’ of Indian Arthroscopy SocietyIn 2010, we took our technique to international platform and presented our study at 14th Congress of European Society of Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy and Knee Surgery at Oslo, Norway. The technique received many applauds and was very well appreciated by colleagues from Europe and the western world. 

We were very happy and felt complete in 2013; when this innovation was published in the best orthopaedic journal of the world, American Journal of Sports Medicine (AJSM). This journal had the highest impact factor in the world of orthopaedics. In this journal, we published up to five years results of patient that have been operated thus far. Publication in the prestigious journal was enough to attract the world's attention towards this important and unique innovation.   

Soon Dr Goyal won the prestigious Japanese Orthopaedic Association ‘s Travelling Fellowship Award for this study and he presented this technique during annual conference of Japanese Orthopaedic Association at Hiroshima, Japan in 2013. He was further invited by European Society of Sports Traumatology, Knee Surgery and Arthroscopy during their 16th Congress as an invited faculty to present the guest lecture on The Superficial Quad Technique during the MPFL session. World’s best MPFL surgeons were gathered during this session and various techniques of MPFL reconstruction were discussed during this session. This innovation was also submitted for the prestigious Alwin-Jagar Award during ESSKA meeting and ESSKA board decided to run the surgical video of The Superficial Quad Technique thruout the conference. The video was run on various Kiosks that were spread across the conference arena and many international surgeons watched the video and asked many questions related to the methodology.  

  The Superficial Quad Technique Deepak Goyal Amsterdam

ESSKA also invited Dr Goyal to write a sub-chapter on The Superficial Quad Technique in the book that ESSKA released during the conference.

In 2014, many invitations from around the world were received to showcase this innovative technique. The invitations included Indian Arthroscopy SocietyArthroscopy Academy of India, Asian Cartilage Repair Society, Iranian Live Arthroscopy Course, Spanish Arthroscopy Society etc. Dr Goyal also had a unique opportunity to present this innovative work across various centres of excellence in USA during AOSSM Fellowship tour. He presented The Superficial Quad Technique at Tripler Army Medical Centre, Hawaii; Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush Clinics, Chicago; Mayo Clinic, Rochester; Washington University, Seattle; Tria Orthopaedic Centre, Minnesota and Iowa University at Iowa City.

In August 2014, Dr Goyal demonstrated the live surgery of The Superficial Quad Technique at Tehran, Iran during 1st Tehran Live Arthroscopy Course. Over 100 arthroscopy surgeons from all over the Iran had gathered to watch this technique live; that was followed by a large number of questions.


Liver Surgery Demonstration at Tehran by Dr GoyalQuestion Answer Session Live Surgery Tehran

In 2014, Indian Journal of Orthopedics invited Dr Goyal to write a commentary on the superficial quad technique and it was published in its September 2014 issue. 

The Superficial Quad Technique has find its extended usage in various other patella related problems like its use in associated osteochondral fractures of the patella. Patients suffering from dual problem of osteochondral fracture of the patella and the patella dislocation can be treated with a single stage surgery that can take care of both the problems. Our short term results to tackle this dual problem were presented during 2nd Congress of Asian Cartilage Repair Society that was held at Seoul, Korea in December 2014. This study was further presented at 12th World Congress of International Cartilage Repair Society that was held at Chicago, USA in May 2015. 

Superficial Quad Technique for Patella Instability

We are further happy to announce that Ahmedabad Orthopaedic Society honoured Dr Goyal as ‘Pride of Ahmedabad Orthopaedic Society’ in June 2015; looking at the tremendous success of The Superficial Quad Technique worldwide. 

We published two more international publications of the superficial quad technique in 2015. There was an even growing demand by orthopaedic colleagues for the detailed video technique of the procedure, so that they can also perform the technique themselves. We published the detailed surgical video technique in prestigious international journal, Arthroscopy Techniques in its October 2015 issue. Another publication was a letter ot the editor of prestigious Arthroscopy journal pointing out a confusing trend in international literature about nomenclature of the technique.



Indian Arthroscopy Society invited Dr Goyal to perform a live surgery during its annual conference. It was an unique and pleasant honor; when Dr Goyal demonstrated the live surgery from Sports Injury Centre, New Delhi and it was transmitted live thru satellites to an audience of over 600 knee and arthroscopy surgeons sitting at international conference of Indian Arthroscopy Society at Pattaya, Thailand. 

Live Surgery from New Delhi to Pattaya

In October' 2016; Dr Goyal was invited to 19th China National Arthroscopy Skill Course, where he introduced this innovative technique to the Chinese colleagues. Many surgeons asked multiple questions for over 15 minutes and those questions were translated by Chinese interpreter. Dr Goyal was very much pleased to answer those questions to their satisfaction.

19th China National Arthroscopy Skill Course  Appreciated by Prof Huang Huayang and Gong Xi


Saumya Orthocare is indeed very much humbled to see the success of our home innovation.


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