News & Events # 40.

Dr Deepak Goyal Performed Live Surgery Being Transmitted from New Delhi to Pattaya, Thailand.

It was an unique and pleasant honor for us; when Dr Goyal was invited to perform a live surgery at Sports Injury Centre, New Delhi and the live surgery was transmitted thru satellites to an audience of over 600 knee and arthroscopy surgeons sitting at an international conference in Pattaya, Thailand. Dr Goyal was invited to perform his innovative invention for patella dislocation surgery called 'The Superficial Quad Technique'.

Live Surgery from New Delhi to Pattaya

It was a bold initiative by Indian Arthroscopy Society to show its presence at international level. The society partnered with its important counterparts in south and southeast Asia to create an international event. The live surgery session was chaired by Dr Reddy of Hyderabad and Dr Bobby Newlan of Indonesia. The live surgery was controlled by high speed HD transmission and two ways audio control.


Live Surgery from Sports Injury Centre, New Delhi


Dr Goyal was asked a series of important questions by intriguing delegates. Dr Goyal was pleased to answer all the questions while operating live on the patient. He demonstrated tips and pearls of the superficial quad technique and ways to avoid complications while doing patella dislocation surgeries.

Live Surgery Transmitted to Pattaya

After performing the live surgery, Dr Goyal rushed to the airport to catch the international flight. He reached Pattaya and attended the scientific session on the stage.

It is a great moment for our institute.

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