Ligament reconstruction post accident

 Swati Kankan
 Director of Partnerships at Kannan Animal Welfare
I went to Dr Deepak Goyal in April 2018 after an accident that left me with a chipped knee cap and several other injuries. Multiple doctors in Delhi had not been clear with me about necessary course of action but Dr Goyal was very direct about the need for surgery and ligament reconstruction. He explained the procedure and its need, and also explained my underlying health conditions (patellar dysplasia and hypermobility) and how they could be tackled. After surgery my recovery was assisted by physiotherapists at the clinic and there was very good improvement. Dr Goyal was empathetic when required and understood my concerns and fears. The follow-ups with him post surgery have been regular and helpful to ensure recovery is on track and there are no issues. A huge thank you to Dr Goyal and his team for helping me get through a difficult time and being so professional and supportive.
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