Impressive five start positive experience...

 Ashwin Bemby
 Software Consultant
Always scared of doctors but after meeting Dr Deepak Goyal my perception changed. He listens to you patiently and helps calm your nerves, answering all your petty queries, helping boost your confidence in him. My left leg knee got locked 8 months ago due to OCD and lucky I reached him before any major complication. I was asked for immediate MRI and within in couple of hours we decided on the best possible solutions. Arthroscopy surgery was scheduled for one day after; blood reports and chest x-rays ready by day end. On the day of operation, we all started by around half 7 early morning. Within few minutes my lower body was quickly sedated and I was lying on the bed listening to lovely music (I cheekily requested for some music and sir happily played it on). With my eyes faintly open I could see 3 people with tools doing their business as usual, in the chilliest room I have ever been. After 2 hours I was moved out to normal room with swollen knee. By day end effects of anaesthesias faded away and I was asked to go home smiling with my happy knee and some exercises explained. It’s around 2 and half months now, with the help of post operation follow up with doctor and physiotherapist, ice packs and loads of exercises I am back on my leg; got rid of the walker then the stick gradually. Post operation results are positive so far and recovery looks promising. I hope to get back to normal walking within 6 months time and active playing with in 2 years time. I would like to thank Dr Deepak Sir and his team for very smooth and safe operation. I would also like to thank his staff members Varsha ben, Dave sir, Pankaj sir and others who are very polite and helpful taking care of patients’ pre & post surgery. If in doubt or if you like to debate and discuss your problem please do visit him once and I guarantee you will never forget the experience.
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