Complex Knee Surgery With Special Focus on Physiotherapy

 Saish Kamat
I am Saish Kamat, 27 years old, working in Bangalore. Prior to meeting with Dr. Deepak Goyal and his team, I have had two arthroscopic surgeries in my right knee to solve a recurring problem on knee locking. Although things looked better for some time, I started developing a complex set of symptoms over the past one year as I resumed my engagement in high - impact activities like jogging and badminton. This, eventually, severely affected my daily lifestyle. At first, I visited a couple doctors in Bangalore, who advised me to repeat the same arthroscopic procedure with some variation. But I was unconvinced with their argument as they were unable to explain the recurrence angle of this problem. After having discussed this with my family, I was recommended to contact Dr Deepak Goyal to understand the root cause of the issue. After a thorough physical examination and a study of my past MRIs and X-Rays, Dr Goyal explained to me the non-trivial nature of my problem. This was the first time, I was explained in a holistic way, the root cause of the problem I faced and a date for an open knee surgery was fixed for April, 2016. As a patient who is not a resident of Ahmedabad, Dr Goyal took a lot of personal interest in helping me plan my stay, my medical expenses and crunching the timeline down, which I appreciate a lot. The open knee surgery (involving 5 procedures – Notchplasty, MPFL reconstruction, LPR, Abrasion chondroplasty, High Tibial Osteotomy with Fixation done all in one go) took place at Sterling Hospital, Ahmedabad and I was discharged in 2 days. This was followed up with physiotherapy for about 8 days at my place of stay in the city. My physiotherapy involved lots of exercises and usage of a Continuous Passive Motion Device. I was given specific targets of mobilization by Dr. Goyal before I leave the city. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Shivani Patel who was instrumental in helping me achieve those targets. Through this phase Dr. Goyal would ask for regular updates and I would share the same through pictures. After heading back to my native place (Panjim, Goa), Dr. Shivani Patel helped plan the future course of my physiotherapy in coordination with my physiotherapist, Dr. Sheldon in Goa. This helped me transition into the next phase of my rehabilitation which involved complete range of motion within 6 weeks. At the end of 6 weeks, I visited Dr. Goyal for a follow up and was asked to continue to strengthen my legs for about 6 more weeks. About 10 weeks into rehab I was instructed to start partial weight bearing. About 12 weeks into rehab, I shared my new set of reports with Dr. Goyal. Pleased with the results, he allowed me to return to work in Bangalore. Last month (about 6 months into rehab), I resumed all my normal physical activities, including swimming which gives great happiness. I highly recommend Dr. Goyal and his team for their experience in handling complex knee issues. Dr. Goyal’s focus on not just the surgical aspects but also post-surgery rehabilitation through physiotherapy is note-worthy.
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