Healthy Knee Tips # 30.

Powerful But Ignorant Media, How Much to Believe?

I read this highly disturbing newspaper article and thought to review it. I just want people to know that how much misleading such informations are. Should a common man trust such articles?

Newspaper Comment: The picture shown in the newspaper is of knee arthroscopy surgery.

Knee Surgeon’s Observation: The author of the article has not written a single line about knee arthroscopy surgery. Is it justified showing picture of something else and to talk about something else?

Newspaper Comment: The title of the article is about Knee surgeries.

Knee Surgeon’s Observation: The author of the article talks about cough, osteoporosis and only towards the end; he talks about knee surgery. Was he trying to catch the attention of readers by using a common surgery name, while he actually wanted to talk on a broad spectrum of diseases?

Newspaper Comment: Author talks about taking treatment by physiotherapists, fitness trainers and yoga.

Knee Surgeon’s Observation: While taking treatment by physiotherapists is a legitimate treatment; it is not so by fitness trainers. Does author know that there is no ‘Medical Council of India’ recognised degree of fitness trainers? Fitness trainers are generally used for body building, body fitness and sportsmen fitness and never for treatment of diseases.

Newspaper Comment: Use milk and Ghee made from Cow’s milk for 6-12 months.

Knee Surgeon’s Observation: Does author guarantee that 6-12 months of such treatment will not worsen medical condition of the patient? Does he have any medical literature to support it?

Newspaper Comment: Use Amul Milk and Bournvita.

Knee Surgeon’s Observation: Why these two specific brands? Any special reason? Do other companies have poor milk and health supplements?

Newspaper Comment: The treatment of knee pain is with milk and ghee.

Knee Surgeon’s Observation: Does author know that osteoporosis and osteoarthritis are two different diseases? Milk and milk products are medically recommended for osteoporosis and not for osteoarthritis.

Newspaper Comment: Use PAS 150 knee for replacement surgeries.

Knee Surgeon’s Observation: Why so much special interest in one specific brand? Has author read any medical approved literature of high evidence in favour of this implant? Did author ask for any evidence based publication for this specific implant by the expert himself?

Newspaper Comment: Cruciate ligaments stop working.

Knee Surgeon’s Observation: Cruciate ligaments are torn and if torn in young, should be reconstructed. Knee replacement is not the treatment for damaged cruciate.

Newspaper Comment: Calcium gets deposited in knee that is called osteophytes.

Knee Surgeon’s Observation: Totally unscientific comment.

Conclusion: The author is not sure what he wants to write. His picture and title do not match with the content of the article. He is freely interchanging two different and totally separate orthopaedic conditions, namely osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. He is recommending treatment of osteoporosis for the treatment of osteoarthritis. 

Author feels that all the patients are to be treated by fitness trainers, milk, ghee etc; irrespective of their age, disease, duration, grading and severalty. If there is one treatment for all the diseases, then why build medical infrastructures? Just print one pamphlet and give to all the citizens. No need for 15 years of rigorous training to learn medicine.

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