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Appointed as Visiting Professor, Hiroshima University, Japan

It is a great pleasure for us to share one of the rare honours bestowed on our consultant, Dr Deepak Goyal. Dr  Goyal  has  been  honoured  with  ‘Visiting  Professor’  status  of  the Department  of Orthopaedic  Surgery,  Graduate  School  of  Biomedical  &  Health  Sciences,  Hiroshima University, Japan.  The  honour  is  great  because  only  three  more  people  till  now  have  been awarded with this  status.  

Hiroshima  University  is  ranked  amongst  top  300  universities  of the  world  and  has  been  credited  with  countless  publications  and  inventions.  This award is also unique because Dr Goyal is the first person from the non-academic field to be awarded one of the highest title of the professional accomplishment, that too by a high ranking  foreign  university.  He was chosen based on his contribution to the science of joint preservation surgeries. He has been working in cartilage repair field for last 13 years and  has  played  a  leading  role  for  creating  awareness  about  joint  preservation  in various  Asian  countries  like  Japan,  South  Korea,  Singapore,  China,  Indonesia,  Iran, UAE  as  well  as  India.  Presently  he  is  President  of  Indian  Cartilage  Society  and  Vice President of Asian Cartilage Repair Society.

The  honour  was awarded  during  a  ceremony  that  took place  at  the  campus  of the Hiroshima  University, Japan on 2nd August, 2017. The citation of appointment was given by the President  (Chancellor)  of  the University,  Prof  (Dr)  Mitsuo  Ochi  in presence  of  Chairmen  of  Department  of  Orthopaedics  Surgery,  Prof  (Dr)  Nobuo Adachi. Dr Goyal also delivered his surgical experience talk on ‘Role of Subchondral Bone in Cartilage Repair- A  Clinical  Perspective’. Faculties and  students  of  the  university  attended  the  ceremony  in  large  numbers  and  asked several questions pertaining to the talk. It was pleasure for Dr Deepak Goyal to clear their  doubts  and  discuss various method of  cartilage  repair,  the important steps for the joint preservation surgeries. 

Hiroshima university and Dr Goyal also discussed possibilities of doing joint research programs and comparative analysis of new innovative surgeries. 


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