News & Events # 61.

Preservation of Joints
An important concept for society to understand.

News & Events # 61.

The knee joint pain can be due to various reasons like lifestylemeniscus injury, ligament injury, cartilage injury, a bony injury or due to aging. Most of the smaller injuries that occur at young age can be prevented with timely treatment. Some require a key hole surgery while others may required special and dedicated rehabilitation. However, if timely treatment is not carried out then aging makes the injured joint more worse and full-fledged osteoarthritis sets in.

In an interview taken by press reporter of Lokat, Nagpur on the eve of Arthroscopy Society of Nagpur, Dr Deepak Goyal stressed the importance of timely diagnosis and treatment. If we act early, injury progressing to arthritis can be prevented. The newspaper covered Dr Goyal’s opinion aptly. 

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