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A Book Chapter in International Book
Subchondral Bone_ Healthy Soil for the Healthy Cartilage

It is a great opportunity to be invited to write a book chapter in an international book. Dr Deepak Goyal received an invitation from Prof Alberto Gobbi, Italy to write a chapter in a book tilted “Bio-Orthopedics”, published by Springer- Germany. The more exciting thing was to get invitation for the favourite topic of ours- The Subchondral Bone. 

We are strong believers for many years that for any successful cartilage surgery, the bone underneath (the subchondral bone) must be healthy. As healthy soil is important for the healthy plant, healthy subchondral bone is important for the healthy cartilage above.

Our believes are further vindicated when we had a chance to write a chapter on it, that too in a book that is being hosted by International Society of Arthroscopy, knee Surgery and Orthopaedic Sports Medicine.

Click here to know more about the book and the chapter.

We congratulate all the co-authors of the book; Dr Deepak Goyal, Dr Anjali Goyal, Dr Nobuo Adachi,

SO Team (C) 2017


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