News & Events # 54.

The Superficial Quad Technique: Live Streaming Surgical Video
Presented at 2nd Congress of Indonesian Orthopedic Society of Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy

Saumya Orthocare is proud to share that ‘the superficial quad technique’ that was invented at our institute is getting more and more popular. Dr Deepak Goyal presented a one hour long live streaming video of the technique during 2nd congress of Indonesian Orthopedic Society of Sports Medicine and Arthroscopy, held at Makasaar, Indonesia.

The superficial quad technique for patella instability by Deepak Goyal at IOSSMA, Indonesia

This technique that was originally invented to treat patella (knee cap) dislocation in adolescent patients has evolved further. We are getting equally good results while treating elderly patients who suffer from patella (knee cap) dislocation following a knee replacement surgery. The local delegates and faculties had a in-depth discussion about various aspects of the superficial quad technique. Dr Goyal was very much pleased to answer the queries raised by the delegates.

The patella instability faculty, with deepak goyal at IOSSMA, Indonesia

The faculty during IOSSMA, Indonesia

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