News & Events # 49.

Simplifying Patella Joint, its Bio-mechanics and Patella Dislocation Surgeries

Dr Deepak Goyal was recently invited by Emirates Orthopedic Society as a speaker during their 4th International conference. Dr Goyal has a large experience in patellofemoral joint, patella dislocation surgeries. He has also been credited with simplifying the biomechanics of patellofemoral joint by his peers. Dr Goyal also invented an innovative technique to treat patella dislocation, popularly known as ‘the superficial quad technique’. Dr Goyal was also probably the first surgeon to do trochleoplasty surgery in India.

4th Emirates International Orthopedic Conference invited Dr Goyal to share his experience on three subjects.

  1. Simplification of patellofemoral joint
  2. Trochleoplasty surgery in adults
  3. MPFL reconstruction using the superficial quad technique.

An intense interest was generated during the meeting between delegates and panelists. Various points like; whether to operate first time patella dislocator or not, what should be the timing of surgery after patella dislocation, decision making about type of surgery to be done after patella dislocation etc were discussed. There was also a good interaction between local hosts and Dr Goyal.

Dr Goyal with Dr Thani and Dr Darwich

SO team, 2016.  

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