Sunday Times of India

Ahmedabad Edition, 19th May 2013

Sabarmati Medical Association invited Dr Deepak Goyal to create awareness amongst its members about various treatment options for osteoarthritis knee on 18th May’ 2013. Dr Goyal talked about a wide spectrum of treatment options ranging from non-operative methods, knee repair surgeries and knee replacement surgeries. 

Knee repair surgeries for early to moderate osteoarthritis of the knee are flagship surgeries for our hospital. The best candidate to get maximum relief from knee repair surgeries are those patient who are between the age of 40-60 years, has got early to moderate osteoarthritis, are not responding to the non-operative methods and are too young to get their knee joints replaced. We have a huge databases of such operated cases who are leading pain-free life for more than 10 years and are extremely satisfied with actives of their normal daily routine.

We are happy that The Times of India took notice of such important event and published the event in its Ahmedabad Edition and its Electronic Edition on 19th May’ 2013.


Knee Repair and Deepak Goyal

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