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Bhilwara Edition, 28th October 2007

Rotary Club of Bhilwara organised a public awareness health program along with a medical camp related to knee joint pains and injuries on 27th October’ 2007. Saumya Orthocare sent its consultant Dr Deepak Goyal for this social event. The public awareness program turned out to be a huge favourite amongst residents of the city of Bhilwara and nearby areas in the state of Rajasthan. The organisers were forced to extend the working hours of the medical camp as a big crowd turn up for the event and they wanted best solutions for their problems. Dr Goyal was pleased to see more than 125 patients till late in the evening and offer them the suitable solutions. The camp organisers arranged free x-ray facilities for the needy patients and also organised for the free medicines. 

Rajasthan Patrika, a leading newspaper of the state of Rajasthan interviewed Dr Goyal on the occasion. Dr Goyal stressed that poor life style is the main reason for sudden increase in the knee joint related problems, mainly in females. Sedentary life style, lack of exercise, weight gain and short height; all are contributing to the onset of early arthritis (osteoarthritis) at young age. A neglected knee injury at the early age has a window period of few years but then it leads to a full fledged osteoarthritis at a very young age.

We hope that this social event helped a bit to educated the society. We also thank Rotary Club of Bhilwara to give us this important opportunity.

SO Team, 2007.


Rajasthan Patrika 2008 Dr Deepak Goyal

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