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"Saumya Arthroscopy & Sports Knee Clinic" has been started with the unique vision.........

......................“Total & Comprehensive Care Related to All the Aspects of the Knee Joint Care".


Patient suffering from knee joint ailment does not know his/ her problem and solution. Often they remain confused between Orthopedic Surgeon, Arthroscopic Surgeon and Joint Replacement Surgeon.

Saumya Arthroscopy & Sports Knee Clinic, is probably one of a few centres in India that offers complete range of treatment options for knee problems. It is a dedicated centre to provide a whole spectrum of treatment possibilities ranging from Non-operative Solutions to the Minimally Invasive Arthroscopy techniques extending upto Knee Joint Replacements.

It is a matter of pride that Saumya Arthroscopy & Sports Knee Clinic is the first Knee Centre in India that started treatment for  different Cartilage Injuries of the Knee Joint since 2004. The different techniques offered are Mosaicplasty, Microfracture, Abrasio-arthroplasty, Osteochondral grafts, Autologous Chondrocytes Implantation (ACI) etc.

We have also invented various new surgical techniques for different knee joint related probelms like repetitive patella (Knee Cap) dislocations and very large cartilage lesions etc. It is a matter of pride that these inventions are famous across the globe with multiple international publications, presentations and citations. 

We also do routine arthroscopies like Menisectomy, Arthroscopic Ligament Reconstructions (Anterior Cruciate Ligament- ACL, Posterior Cruciate Ligament- PCL), Extra-articular Reconstructions like Medial Collateral Ligament-  MCL, Lateral Collateral Ligament- LCL, Posterolateral Corner- PLC, Patello-femoral Problems (problems related to Knee Cap) etc. Other corrective and reconstructive surgeries like Femoral and Tibial Osteotomy (correction of bad angle at knee), realignment surgeries of the knee etc are also done.

We also offer Knee Repair Surgeries to middle aged patients suffering from Osteoarthritis. At Saumya Arthroscopy & Sports Knee Clinic we do our best to prserve the knee joint from getting replaced. However, if the Osteoarthritis is too advanced, we also offer Knee Joint Replacements.

You are welcome to visit us for your Knee related problems. Please go through different pages to know more about us.

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