2nd Congress of Asian Cartilage Repair Society, Seoul, Korea

Dr Deepak Goyal was invited as the honorary guest speaker for the 2nd Congress of Asian Cartilage Repair Society (ACRS) meeting that was held in Seoul, Korea on 7th December 2014. He participated in a panel discussion on 'Popular methods of cartilage repair in Asian countries and Future trends in cartilage repair'. The discussion was hosted by ACRS host and vice President, Prof B H Min and co-panelists were Prof Ying Fang Ao (Peking University, China); Prof Christoph Erggelet (ICRS president, Alpha Clinic, Germany); Prof Myung-Ku Kim (Inha University, Korea); Prof Mitsuo Ochi (ACRS President, Hiroshima University, Japan) & Prof Tunku Kamarul Zaman (Malaya University, Malaysia).

Panel Discussion on Future of Cartilage Repair in Asia


Dr Goyal also delivered two guest lecture on "The Superficial Quad Technique for concomitant Osteochondral fracture of Patella and Patella instability" and on "The Overlay ACI technique for the Extra large Osteochondral Lesions of the Knee Joint".

Cartilage Repair and Patella Instability


It was also an opportunity to interact nearly all the Cartilage Surgeons of Asia and discuss various modalities of cartilage repair through various case discussions.

Cartilage Surgeons of Asia


Dr Goyal was also appointed as Secretary General of Asian Cartilage Repair Society during this congress.

Cartilage Surgeons from Asia

Saumya Orthocare feels very proud because we could play a small role in keeping India Flag high at Asian level.

Representing India at Asian Stage

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