SO Case Study # 4.

Every Time A Knee Surgery is not Required!

We present a case of 30 years old male patient who suffered left knee injury 6 months back with open wound.

He was treated primarily in emergency and his wounds healed well. However, he lost knee joint movements in the follow up period. His treating doctors rightly advised physiotherapy to regain the lost movements.

But, somehow patient didn’t improve with physiotherapy and then finally referred to us for arthroscopic surgery.

We re-evaluated the patient and found that his medial retinaculum was tight and that was the reason for loss of knee movements.

A targeted physiotherapy was given to him and wooooooooow..............

He regained his knee movements in less than 20 days.

We were also very happy to have avoided an un-necessary surgery.

For sure; every time a knee surgery is not required!!

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