SO Knee Blog # 9.

Did Muhammad Hafeez fake knee injury? or He should have rested after ‘Bone contusions’ MRI report??

SO Knee Blog # 9.

A recent conflict has erupted related to the knee injury of Pakistan’s Muhammad Hafeez, a top order cricket batsman. Surprisingly he was moved to the number seven while playing against India on 19th March 2016 inspite of being a top order batsman, firstpost says.

Critics claim that he faked the knee injury and moved himself back in the batting order, and abstained from playing the matches against Australia and New Zealand. However the player claims otherwise and cites the MRI report saying that he had bone contusions and bone odema. Well, if the report is correct, then the player and the team were right in putting him later in the batting order. If the pain and discomfort persists then the player should abstain from the next few matches. 

Dr Deepak Goyal, a Sports Knee Injury expert said that bone contusions and oedema typically takes 3-6 weeks to resolve clinically and around 6-12 weeks to heal. This typical time is required provided that there are no other injuries like damage to the ligaments, cartilage or meniscus. If other structures are damaged then the treatment may change and require additional procedures. However if only bone contusions are present then player should avoid putting undue loads on the knee joint. Rest, ice application, brace support etc play a crucial role in early healing. 

Dr Goyal also said that decrease in pain and knee swelling are good parameters of clinical healing. Player can go back to sports after the period of rest and a good rehab program done under medical supervision.

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