SO Knee Blog # 8.

How can my meniscus get a tear?
I did not suffer any injury in my knees!!

This is quite a common expression by patients on hearing the news of a meniscus tear; when they have actually not suffered a major episode of injury. More surprise comes, when doctor advises a surgery for that small trivial injury.

Though surprising for the patients, it is indeed true. A menisci does not require a major injury for a tear to develop. Any small twist in a wrong direction can cause the meniscus to tear, more so in middle age.  

Roger Federer recently developed a meniscus tear with just a small twist in his knees leading to a click sound and then gradual development of swelling. Roger’s case is a good example for patients, who doubt development of a meniscus tear in absence of a noticeable injury;   

How Roger Federer developed the meniscus tear, read here.


Roger Federer (26 June 2009, Wimbledon) 2 new

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