SO Knee Blog # 13.

Rohit Sharma injures his knee again!!
Probably a prize for an incomplete rehabilitation!!

SO Knee Blog # 13.

Rohit Sharma has been ruled out of the Deodhar Trophy yesterday due to injury to his knee. He had just returned to a fresh start after a 3 month recovery from another injury. He had injured his quadriceps while playing against New Zealand and had undergone surgery along with a rehab program. 

A minor injury leading to elimination from the team is all indicative of incomplete rehab program. After any knee surgery, a longer rehabilitation period is needed not only to regain the strength but also acquire the required flexibility. An added time and efforts are needed to recover the proprioceptive sensations. A combination of all the exercises under the guidance of a sports physiotherapist is the most important part of recovery. Any short cut to the rehab program is a sure way to miss the next season or sometimes miss the whole career.

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