SO Knee Blog # 12.

SRK! You are wearing the wrong brace!!!

SO Knee Blog # 12.


It is disheartening to learn that our beloved Shah Rukh Khan continues to suffer from left knee pain. But it seems that he is not following medical advice properly or there is something missing.


1. He is wearing a wrong brace. For cartilage defect in patella, the applied brace should not be below patella. It will indirectly put more loads on the cartilage defect. This will lead to more cartilage damage.

2. In our blog on 4th February, 2014; we had mentioned that he is holding the elbow crutch in wrong hand. Again an indication that he is not following medical advises properly. Read here 

3. There are many ways to stimulate cartilage healing and also many ways to unload the cartilage.


Dear SRK, course correction is needed.

All the Best.


Dr Deepak Goyal

Consultant Cartilage and Arthroscopy Knee Surgeon

Ahmedabad, India.


President, Indian Cartilage Society.

Vice President, Asian Cartilage Repair Society

Education Committee Member, International Cartilage Repair Society.

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