SO Knee Blog # 11.

We predicted correct in Feb-2016, Roger Federer!
You won't be playing Rio Olympics!!

We are sad and confident, both. In blog (SO Knee Blog # 7) on 3rd February, 2016; Dr Deepak Goyal had doubted the claims of Roger team that he will be back in action soon. Roger Federer team had reported that he underwent Meniscus Repair surgery and he will be out of sports for two major ATP events due in Feb 2016. While we were shocked to hear the news, we were confused by the incomplete nature of the news. Dr Deepak Goyal had predicted that he would be out of action for long if the information about meniscus repair is correct.

Dr Goyal's assessment proved correct. He could not play in Rio Olympics. A meniscus repair patient cannot be back to sports in less than 6 months. Impossible @RogerFederer‪#‎RogerFederer‬

But we are sad also. We would have loved to see him back in action at Rio and win singles gold. Time to change the treatment plan, Roger. Sooner the better.

SO Team.

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